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Texas Pit Bull Who Had His Nose and Mouth Cut Off Is a True Survivor

After suffering unimaginable pain, Apollo the rescue dog is enjoying the good life.

An average day for this black and white pit bull includes lounging with his two canine brothers and shredding every stuffed animal he can find, but life wasn't always this good.

The first thing people notice about the lovable pup named Apollo is his missing nose. The heartbreaking story surrounding his injury is sending the world a message about animal cruelty.

In January 2015, All Dogs Official Rescue Enterprise (ADORE) in Houston, Texas got a call about a dog in need of help. The skittish stray was found cowering near a construction sight, but it wasn't until ADORE volunteer Brittany Faske got on scene that people realized the extent of the situation.

Faske was horrified to see a gruesome face wound that left bones protruding from the skin. Besides the injury to his face, the dog reeked of a skin infection caused by several other open wounds.

The dedicated volunteer wasted no time in getting the dog to the vet. Once on the examination table, the veterinarian made a disturbing discovery. The wound that severed the dog's nose and upper jaw was a clean cut, which means a human hand held a knife up to the dog, cut off his nose, and left him to die.

This realization gave everyone a renewed urgency to save the dog's life. But with the seriousness of his injury, underlying infection, and a positive heart worm test, the odds weren't in his favor.

After multiple reconstructive surgeries, rounds of medical treatment, and weeks of recuperation, it was clear Apollo had made up his mind. He wasn't willing to let his past keep him from a bright future, and he fought with everything he had.

Apollo's journey was long and painful, but he never gave up. Faske was inspired by his strength, and she promised that if he survived, he'd always have a place by her side.

It's almost two years later, and Apollo is living comfortably in his new home. He wants to change the misconception surrounding pit bulls and show everyone what it means to be a survivor.

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