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Paralyzed Dog Rescued, Learns to Walk Again

Animal Aid Unlimited's rescue team responded to a call about a downed stray dog.

The dog was covered in flies and lying near a gutter. There was something wrong with his hind end, but from the way he was sitting, it was hard to tell what the problem was.

A rescue team member wrapped him in a blanket and turned him around. Then, the problem became apparent: a horrific wound spanned the dog's hind end under his tail. The rescue team put the dog in the truck and drove him straight to Animal Aid's shelter. There, he began receiving emergency medical treatment for his grossly infected wound. Rescue workers also discovered that his hind legs were paralyzed.

Along with regularly dressing and re-bandaging the dog's wound, Animal Aid workers began administering physical therapy hoping to help him walk again.

After two weeks of therapy, the dog, named Sidney, took his first few steps. His legs were shaky, but he was up! In the weeks that followed, not only did Sidney's wound heal, but his ability to walk improved too.

Watch Sidney's inspiring story here:

Editor's Note: The dog's injuries are graphic and may be uncomfortable for some viewers.

Today, thanks to Animal Aid, Sidney is a happy, healthy, mobile boy who will live out his days at the Animal Aid sanctuary in the company of other rescued animals.

Click here to learn more about Animal Aid's lifesaving work on behalf of India's street animals, and how you can contribute to help save lives like Sidney's.

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This article was originally published June 11, 2017.

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