Walking 42 Saint Bernards Is Normal on Lasqueti Island

Love Saint Bernards? You'll get a big kick out of this!

Have you ever seen 42 St. Bernards all out for a walk together? You've heard of crazy cat ladies, but this family with over 40 St. Bernard dogs takes it to a whole new level.

Check out these big, beautiful canines as they take a leisurely stroll through the woods together. The dogs in this video are all having a great time hanging out together with their human family — All 42 of them.

Lasquite's Saint Bernards


These dogs are of all different ages; you can see younger dogs walking right alongside their older relatives. How lucky is the little boy who gets to live with so many amazing dogs? Talk about the best childhood ever! Our favorite moment is at 1:52 when he has a close encounter with one of the younger, more playful dogs.

These pups are all from Lasquite's Saint Bernards, a breeding kennel on Lasqueti Island, British Columbia, Canada. Lasquite's Saint Bernards, as you can see, treats their dogs like members of the family, allowing them plenty of off-leash time instead of making them stay in cages or small kennels.

These dogs are incredibly well behaved and there is no fighting, rough-housing, or even barking during their woodland adventure. Lasquite's Saint Bernards have been breeding St. Bernards since 1996, and have won Best of Show and Best of Breed in multiple competitions.

It takes a lot of dedication to take care of a large breed, long-haired dog like a St. Bernard. You have to pay close attention to their nutrition and grooming, make sure they get enough exercise, and be vigilant for common ailments such as heart disease, joint dysplasia, and epilepsy, which are relatively common in large breeds.

It is obvious from this video that Lasquite's Saint Bernards takes excellent care of their dogs, which is no small feat with such a large family!

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This article was originally published August 10, 2016.

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