$24 Swinging Pig Statue Will Make the Neighbors Laugh When It's Windy Outside

You can put many home garden decorations in your yard, from flamingos, flower pots, garden gnome statues, and even fairy garden decor! All of these yard decor options give your yard some character, but we're absolutely in love with this cute pig statue.

The pig figurine is suspended from trees or fences with ropes. The baby pig garden statue is perfect for those who own a farm or people enamored with farm animals! The little piggy will be the outdoor statue the entire neighborhood stops to admire.

MEIMAN Swinging Garden Statue Animals, Funny Hanging Garden Figurines Decor, Yard Art Outdoor Decorations for Backyard Fence Tree Kids Boys Girls Multicolor

  • High-quality resin statue
  • Potbelly pigs
  • One pink pig per order

The little pig is one of many animal statues on Amazon. (You can find other high-quality lawn & garden sculptures that cater to cow lovers and various farm animal lovers.) The adorable pig is going to make neighbors, Amazon delivery workers, and guests giggle and smile!

I mean, how can you not smile looking at this little fella? I've been around pigs a few times in my life, and they always seem like the happiest animals on the farm! They're intelligent, playful, and just so darn cute.

While nothing beats hanging out with real piggies, we think this garden statue will make many feel joy as well. Since the life-size mini pig sculpture statue looks so realistic, people might think it's a real piglet at first glance!

Wondering what Amazon customers are saying about the piggies? Check out these top-rated reviews.

You will LOVE windy days from here on out. The slight breeze will get these little piggies swinging!

The animal sculpture is only $24.99, y'all, which is quite affordable. So add the rustic pig to your home decor collection today.

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