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Masons' Cavies Guinea Pig Sanctuary Houses Around 100 Piggies

Most people have a guinea pig or two, but what about a backyard full?

Guinea pigs are adorable pets who really do not get all the attention that they deserve.  Mason's Cavies guinea pigs aim to change the perception of these perfectly loveable pets via social media and their guinea pig sanctuary. Their herd of guinea pigs is truly astounding.

A Backyard Full Of Guinea Pigs! 


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Mark Mason and his wife Sophie share their home in Lincolnshire, U.K.,, with around 100 guinea pigs... Yes, you read that right. They have around 100 of these adorable piggies living in their backyard. Sophie Mason writes on their website that they did not start out to have so many pet guinea pigs, but they saw a need for educating people on guinea pig care and how to help these cute little guys thrive. So, their love for the small animals turned into a guinea pig rescue.

The whole thing began in 2018 when the couple began adopting guinea pigs for the first time. They adopted six of the best guinea pigs, and the family grew because they had both males and females in their herd, which the Lincoln couple did not initially realize. However, 31-year-old Sophie did not mind as the little creatures help with their overall mental health.

As they grew in popularity, people began reaching out to the couple about adopting their guinea pigs. Over time, they morphed into a pet rescue. However, they have not been free from controversy. According to The Sun, the pair got their donation Facebook page shut down in March because their chats using the terms "pig", "piggies" and even "guinea pigs" were flagged by the social media conglomerate as possible hate speech against police officers; the donations were their main source of fundraising. A Midlands history group also was banned for terminology that Facebook found to be "offensive." However, their free Facebook page is up so followers can see adorable photos and videos of their herd.

The couple turned to GoFundMe, Amazon wishlists, and other fundraising methods in the interim. However, their adorable guinea pigs eating all their veggies keep trending on social media, drawing in millions of views. These magnificent little creatures have the coziest set up in the couple's backyard with the tastiest-looking veggies!

Check out the Mason's on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok for more about the Masons Cavies guinea pigs. They are all just so adorable!!

Doesn't this make you want your own guinea pigs?

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