Your Piggy Will Trot With Sass With These 5 Pig Leashes

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The only thing cuter than having a pet pig is taking it on a walk! Owning a pig may seem like an easy job, but pig owners know owning a pet pig is like owning a small dog. Pet pigs have a lot of energy and require enrichment activities. Taking your pet pig on a walk is a great bonding and exercising moment, but it can also require some harness training. Making sure that you have the proper pig gear and pig leash is important before your stroll.

If your piglet has conquered potty training, then they may be ready for the next step of leash training! Check out these pig leashes from Amazon.

Best Pig Leashes

1. Mini Pig Adjustable Harness Leash for Hog Piggy and Other Small Animals -Ferret, Rabbit, Dog, Cat

Make pig training a little bit easier with this adjustable leash. This leash is made with heavy-duty nylon and won't put any strain on your pig's neck. The girth of this leash measures 12.9-19 inches. This harness and leash set is perfect for small animals such as a ferret, small pig, or cat.

Before purchasing, make sure to measure your pig's neck and the girth behind its front legs to determine if this is the right size. With patience, you and your piggy will be trotting along together in no time.

2. Mini Pig Harness -Adjustable- Also fits Pot Bellied Pigs and Other Small Animals - Ferrets, Rabbits, Dogs, Cats

This is one of the best harnesses on the market! This small animal harness fits small potbelly pigs up to 150 lbs. The total length of this harness is 8'5," but the seller says that they can make custom orders if your pig needs it. It comes with an adjustable pulley in case you need to make a secured fit.

I love that you can pick from a variety of colors. If you have more than one pet, you can get a matching leash for your other small pet.

3. Carter Pet Supply Adjustable Hog (Pig) Harness Hand Made Metal Buckle Easy Fit

This leash is made with quality webbing and metal hardware and is available in a variety of sizes. You can also pick from a wide range of colors! Measure your pig's body behind its front legs to get an accurate measurement. It will probably take time for your pig to get used to this harness, so lure your piggy in with some pig food and treats.

4. YUYUSO 6ft Adjustable Mini Pig Harness Leash for Hog Piggy Ferret Rabbit Dog Cat Small Pets

If you want a sturdy, adjustable leash, look no further. This leash is made with durable materials and includes safety buckles and a D-ring. You won't have to worry about this leash straining your pig's neck. This harness has space for you to adjust the buckles so your pig stays comfortable.

5. 10ft Adjustable Mini Pig Harness for Pot Bellied Piggy Ferret Rabbit Small Animals Walking Training Jogging

You get quality and durability with this mini pig harness. This leash is made with nylon material, so it won't rub the hairs off your piggy. It also evenly distributes the pressure around your pig's chest, so it will stay comfortable.

This harness is easy to put on and off, just be sure to give your pig time to get used to this harness.

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