Swaddled Purritos Are All You Need to Get You Through the Day

There are few things sweeter than a sleeping kitten.

For these four abandoned kittens, life didn't start off easy. Their mother, a stray Siamese known throughout the neighborhood, abandoned them only hours after their birth. Their chances of survival were slim, but their tiny mews were heard by the right people.

A group of compassionate cat people found the litter hidden in a bush when they were only four days old. They were weak and already dehydrated, but their rescuers were ready to help.


The kittens were taken to a local rescue where dedicated volunteers started feeding them with bottles. Young kittens need to be fed every few hours, and raising bottle babies is no easy feat. It's a serious time commitment, but the volunteers wanted to give the abandoned kittens the best chances to live.


Slowly, the kittens grew stronger. They benefited from being bottle fed and had each other for company, but there are few things that can replace the comfort that comes from a mother's warmth. Volunteers got an idea on how to keep the kittens warm and make them look even more adorable—who knew it was even possible!

They wrapped them individually in brightly-colored blankets, and voila—they had cuddly kitten purritos to make everyone smile.

Young kittens sleep up to 20 hours a day, and these four stay warm in their comfy cocoons. The feeling of the swaddle wrapped around them can give a sense of security to ease stress and anxiety and help them sleep better. When these little siblings are old enough, their tenuous pasts will transition into bright futures with new forever families.

Have you tried the kitten purrito with your own kittens? Let us know in the comments.

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