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Sudden Cold Weather Freezes These Alligators in Ice

Alligators on Ice

These alligators use their survival instincts and somehow stay alive while being frozen in ice.

Remember that bet you had with your buddy about touching an alligator on the nose? Well, here’s your chance.

It’s certainly not their favorite weather, as the cold-blooded American Alligator is partial to warm weather and sunshine. For that reason, the alligators typically won’t venture any further north than North Carolina, which just happens to be where this wild video was captured.

Frozen Gators in NC

The recent cold snap has alligators frozen in bricks of ice in Shallotte River Swamp Park in Ocean Isle Beach, NC.

Posted by AMHQ on Tuesday, January 9, 2018

What’s most surprising about this video is that these alligators are all very much alive. Cold weather causes their entire bodies to slow down to a crawl. This survival mechanism allows the gators to deal with unexpected cold weather they might experience somewhere like North Carolina.

This brumation slows the metabolism of the gators so much that any food in their stomachs will go stagnant and likely rot . The animal’s heart rate then slows and they exert only enough energy to survive. That often means they’re working just hard enough to float at the  surface with their nostrils free to breath.

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Sudden Cold Weather Freezes These Alligators in Ice