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You Won't Believe How This 600+ Pound Gator Was Caught

Two friends from South Carolina get creative to land unbelievable gator.

It started out as a pretty typical weekend for friends Hunter Neeley and Brad Leighter.

The pair was participating in a lottery hunt near South Carolina's lakes of Santee. Early in the weekend they caught a glimpse of a giant gator and quickly decided that he would be their target.

They spent the rest of the weekend stalking the giant river monster. It wasn't until early Monday morning that they were able to make their final attempt. After an hour and a half of stalking their prey, the pair was finally able to hook it on a rod and reel. Only, that's not the end of the story.

While wrestling the beast, the pair was forced to employ a few other tactics to complete the task. Before the event was over they had employed a large harpoon as well as a bow and arrow. Still struggling with the 600+ pound beast, another group of nearby hunters came to the rescue of the pair and finally helped to land the bohemoth in their boat.

According to WISTV, the impressive gator measured 12' 9" long and tipped the scales at a shocking 603 pounds.

This isn't the pair's first attempt at hunting gators. They go each year and have no plans on stopping any time soon. Though, we have to imagine, this will be one weekend they won't soon forget.

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You Won't Believe How This 600+ Pound Gator Was Caught