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Horrifying Wild Boar Attack Caught on Security Camera

YouTube: cctv tv

This video highlights how brutally vicious wild boars truly are. 

Wild boars are downright nasty creatures with a penchant for wreaking havoc on crops and vegetation. And although it rarely happens, they will attack humans. As you're about to see, they can be relentless in their deadly onslaught.

A boar will typically attack with a charge, using their tusks to gore the intended victim. It'll take a step back after the initial attack, charging forward once more if any movement is detected. Most injuries to humans occur in the thigh region.

The following attack happened Jan. 31 in northwest China. The wild boar chased down the first victim, a 66-year-old man, while he was picking coal to make a fire in his home. The second victim is his daughter-in-law.


Snipers eventually arrived and used a QBZ-95 assault rifle to kill the 220-pound boar from 130 feet away.

Sadly, the elderly man died of his injuries and the young woman was seriously hurt.

If only these villagers had been armed.

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Horrifying Wild Boar Attack Caught on Security Camera