Images via Ryan Kesselhon

Was This Duluth Girl Bitten By a Muskie...Or an Otter?

Doctors are saying muskie. Fishing folk think otter. Let's hear your thoughts!

The Kesselhon family were enjoying a fun day of paddleboard rides July 19 on Minnesota's Island Lake. With her father Ryan at the helm of the boat, 11-year-old Maren jumped in the water to take the final ride of the day. It was then that she was attacked.

While swimming in the water, something sharp grabbed the youngster's leg and began violently shaking her. With a scream to her father, and a kick to the unknown underwater assailant, Maren was able to break free and be pulled back into the boat. After receiving some gauze from another boat nearby, she was rushed to the hospital.

Maren had nine separate gashes that needed to be stitched up. The doctors who treated the little girl believe the injuries were likely caused by a large muskie, due the sharp and clean incisions.

But as this story went viral, folks in the fishing community began to believe an otter is to blame for the attack, as the tooth structure of a muskie isn't consistent with the gashes. (Five years earlier, a young woman was attacked by an otter in Island Lake. She received 25 wounds in that encounter.)

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the doctors or are you siding with what many of the fishing folk believe?

Whatever the case, it's good to know Maren will make a full recovery from those nasty bites.

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