Orange Alligator

Orange Alligator Surfaces in South Carolina

This bizarre alligator has become the most popular new resident of a South Carolina community. 

The community of Hanahan, South Carolina has one very interesting and very popular resident. While alligators are nothing new in the area, residents have recently been witnessing an apparently orange-colored alligator on the banks of local waters. And he's causing quite the stir.


The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is somewhat stumped by the odd creature. Theories explaining the animal's unique coloration are all over the map. Some suggest that it could be rust, or iron oxide, in the water in which he is living. Another theory suggests that he could be making his home in an old rusty culvert.

Regardless, officials agree that this is not the discovery or evolution of a new alligator species. DNR Program Coordinator, Jay Butfiloski released a statement saying, "It would not be a new species, just a genetic anomaly if it were naturally orange.

Pictures of the unique creature have begun flooding social media channels in the area. Unsurprisingly, jokes quickly followed.

"Trump's pet alligator," said one comment.

"Representin' that Clemson National Championship," read another.

Either way, he is one interesting-looking creature.

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