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Donald Trump Announces Second Amendment Coalition

Hunting and shooting advocate Donald Trump Jr. will be the Second Amendment coalition chairman.

Days before the election, Donald Trump introduced a team of 64 men and women as part of his would-be Second Amendment coalition. Since he is now the President Elect, it is anticipated that this coalition will, in fact, come into fruition.

Led by his son Donald J. Trump Jr., the coalition will advise President Elect Donald Trump and the Vice President Elect Mike Pence on matters of the Second Amendment. Other memebrs of the coalition include state representatives and judges as well as non-politician advocates.

Former Secretary of State and defeated Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, had provided clues to her agenda to upend the Second Amendment as the election drew near. This Trump coalition will work to defend Supreme Court rulings and the Constitution. Both of these bodies guarantee our rights to own firearms.

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Donald Trump Announces Second Amendment Coalition