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Biker Finds Alligator Near Trail in... Minnesota

A cyclist in northern Minnesota stumbles on a bizarre find.

It's not the type of call the Crow Wing County Sheriffs Office is used to taking. Shortly after noon on Saturday, July 9th, the Sheriffs Office took a call that may be the only one like it they ever receive.

"We're all quite shocked," stated county Sheriff Todd Dahl as he reacted to the news. The call came in that a cyclist in the small town of Barrows had found an alligator on a bike trail. The alligator was not large. The young alligator measured approximately three feet in length. However, due to its unusual placement it was enough to startle the unexpected biker and warrant a call to local authorities. According to a statement issued to the Duluth News Tribune, Dahl went on to say, "In my 30 years of law enforcement, this is my first time getting this type of call."

Barrows is a small town near the Brainerd Lakes area. This area is well known for its lakes and fishing. However, due to the harsh Minnesota winters, it is not a common alligator habitat.

The Sheriff's office attempted to identify the owner of the alligator, assuming it had been someone's pet. Unsuccessful, the department has turned the alligator over to the Safari North Wildlife Park. The park is southwest of Brainerd on Highway 371.

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Biker Finds Alligator Near Trail in... Minnesota