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Staten Island Deer Vasectomies Reach 715; Procedures Winding Down

Over 700 deer have gotten vasectomies in an attempt at population control.

As of March 10, 2017, 715 bucks of varying ages have gotten vasectomies in Staten Island, New York. The remaining deer will start to notice less pressure as the city stops the surgeries. The surgeries will be performed again in August by the wildlife conservation group White Buffalo.

The White Buffalo group will use the time off to study the data and research. Completing an annual report and prepare for the next vasectomy season. (Which in itself is an interesting concept... there is a designated season for sterilization?)

Current estimates put the Staten Island deer population at over 1,700 deer, 40% of them being bucks. The herd has increased exponentially since the last count in 2008.

Originally the growth of the population was believed to be a result of deer migration. The deer would swim from New Jersey to Staten Island in search of food and better habitat. Now with the large population breeding poses a major problem.

I try to avoid the soap box and not preach here. However, as reported by, this is an extremely costly venture. White Buffalo is being paid two million for their work this year alone. That doesn't include the additional research on a contract that is set over three years.

I'm all for population control and protecting deer and citizens. We all know as hunters that this is not the most cost effective or effective way to manage a deer population. Currently, the deer on Staten Island are not hunted and have no predators. Deer swam to the island before; what's to stop a rutting buck from doing it again?

The most cost effective technique and proven method is hunt the animals. I imagine there would be a long line of bow hunters who would jump at the chance to tag an un-pressured Staten Island deer.