Staten Island's $2 Million Deer Vasectomy Plan to Continue Through March

Staten Island will continue deer vasectomies through March.

In one of the oddest urban deer population control methods currently being employed in the U.S., Staten Island plans to continue performing vasectomies on bucks through November.

While most cities have employed controlled hunting methods to control their populations, Staten Island decided to go for the considerably more costly $2 million vasectomy plan instead.

"We are incredibly proud of the progress made so far on this safe, effective, and humane plan," Natalie Grybasukas, a city spokesperson told

The odd population control plan has also fallen under much criticism.

Nick Pinizzotto of the National Deer Alliance blasted the plan back in October, claiming the plan was a case of political science overtaking biological science.

The city itself is happy with the results of the plan so far and the contractor, White Buffalo, plans to continue operations throughout this winter. They've given vasectomies to 540 bucks so far. While operations will stop for the spring and summer in March, they'll start up again come August.

The downtime will be used to analyze data collected from the project and through radio collars and ear tags as part of the overall $3.3 million contact.

There are complaints online the work they are doing is sloppy. In an image posted to Imgur, a photo alleges to show a buck with its leg caught in a radio collar applied by the White Buffalo crew.

Meanwhile, the crew will keep working since the project calls for 90% of the bucks there to get vasectomies for the plan to be effective.

Staten Island deer also made headlines earlier this year when a man took selfies with a buck that was initially friendly. But the deer ended up attacking him when he tried to leave.

It seems the deer new out of Staten Island won't be showing down anytime soon.