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Politics Trumps Science as Staten Island Implements Deer Vasectomies

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Politics have overtaken science with the implementation of deer vasectomies in Staten Island.

If you haven't heard yet, Staten Island is attempting to control its deer population, not through hunting, but instead by giving bucks vasectomies. The idea seems to contradict science, and recently, Nick Pinizzotto of the National Deer Alliance took to why this $2 million plan is against everything we know as deer managers.

Nick tackles this case in his article Are Vasectomies the Future of Deer Management? It seems that political science has overtaken biological science, as those who are putting this plan into effect don't see the big picture. It's interesting, as Pinizzotto points out, that Mayor de Blasio (who is in support of this plan) was quoted saying:

"It is very consistent with, I think, the most modern thinking of how we deal with animal issues."

Yet, have you ever heard of wildlife experts claiming that vasectomies are are an effective way to manage deer? As pointed out in the article, even the New York Department of Environmental Conservation does not recommend fertility control programs because of limited effectiveness.

This whole case is simply another example of politicians getting involved in deer management, an area that shouldn't be controlled by them. People should be asked for their input as well.

This isn't the only the case in the world that involves higher-up officials running deer management as some type of political business. As deer hunters and managers, we don't want vasectomies or other types of sterilization to become the future of deer management.

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Politics Trumps Science as Staten Island Implements Deer Vasectomies