Python Vomits Up Whole Deer In Front of Stunned Snakehunters

This python's meal didn't agree with it.

Everyone knows that big snakes like big meals. We have all heard the stories about them swallowing up whole deer, alligators, and other large prey. We rarely see documented examples of this happening. This South African rock python was filmed regurgitating its meal in 2017. What comes up appears to be a small deer,  gazelle or antelope. It is hard to tell from the state the animal is in after being suffocated and swallowed once already.

People who don't like snakes, be warned. This video might make you more than a little queasy. We do not recommend watching this one while you are eating.

It really doesn't get much wilder than this when it comes to internet snake videos.

Well, that was disgusting. It is one thing to hear about how elastic a snake can make itself when swallowing large prey. It's an entirely different thing to see it happen with your own eyes. It is like something out of a bad movie.

This twelve-footer was found on a farm in South Africa. Snake catcher Arther Roden was the one who captured this unbelievable footage. These big snakes get pretty lethargic after consuming a large meal. That is probably why the python doesn't put up much of fight with the snake catchers afterwards. Imagine the amount of energy it had to expend on first the capture, and then the swallowing of such a large meal. Had the snake kept it down, it likely would not have had to feed again for months afterwards.

What a wild video, kudos to the snake catchers for capturing this unbelievable and rare sight on camera!

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