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There's a Highly Venomous Cobra on the Loose in a Florida Neighborhood

There's a cobra on the loose in Ocala Florida.

As if Florida doesn't have enough wildlife in Florida that can harm you, a highly venomous suphan cobra is now on the loose in Ocala.

The two-foot snake escaped from keep Brian Purdy in the NE 9th Street area. Purdy is licensed to keep venomous reptiles. The snake's great escape happened on Monday night. Another man shadowing Purdy in hopes of getting a venomous reptile permit was the one who accidentally let the snake get free while Purdy was at work.

UPI reports the snake  made its break for freedom while the man was trying to locate it in its cage. The two men searched for an hour and a half but were unable to locate it. That's when Fish and Wildlife was notified of a dangerous reptile on the loose.

"After an initial search, nearby residents were notified of the escape," an FWC news release states.

Search efforts are still ongoing in the area today.

"Residents in the area are urged to use caution until this snake has been captured," the release states. "Although reclusive by nature, cobras are highly venomous and will strike out if they feel threatened."

At one point, UPI reports Purdy thought perhaps the cobra had been eaten by one of his larger lizards when it appeared it had recently fed on a large meal.

But a subsequent trip to the vet revealed inconclusive tests and the search continues. The good news is, reports officials don't think the cobra went far due to colder weather. If you happen to see the reptile, call FWC's hotline at 888-404-3922.