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Check out This Crazy Two-Headed Cobra Found in China! [VIDEO]

two-headed cobra

Are two heads really better than one in such a highly venomous snake?

This crazy-looking cobra was found in southern China last week. This one is double trouble if you're afraid of snakes!

This cobra has a condition known as polycephaly. This condition of having two heads is actually most common among snakes. This freaky and dangerous-looking cobra was discovered on a snake breeder's farm in Yulin, southern China.

The highly venomous snake has still not eaten or drank anything, but is still growing after 10 days. The snake's unwillingness to eat resulted in its discoverer handing it over to Nanning Zoo in hopes it can be saved.

Pretty crazy stuff. I actually like snakes, so I'm hoping for the best for these little guys. It's amazing what nature creates sometimes isn't it?

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Check out This Crazy Two-Headed Cobra Found in China! [VIDEO]