Python Windshield
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Python on Car Windshield Prompts Hilarious Reaction from Australian Couple

The reactions to a snake on the window are priceless.

Many humans have a huge fear of snakes whenever they encounter them. It's likely something ingrained into our DNA from our ancestors who tried to avoid them because of the dangers associated with them. Some people simply freak out at the sight of them, especially when they unexpectedly show up on your windshield while driving down the road.

That is what happened to a couple from Queensland, Australia recently when a large python slithered up onto the windshield.

What follows is a hilarious viral video as the couple tries to figure out what to do. This includes turning on the windshield wipers to try and push the serpent off the car.

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The woman who shot the video is Melissa Hudson and from her reactions in the video, she clearly wasn't pleased with the scaled intruder. She told Today Show Australia that the snake likely came from their stable where they saw a similar-looking python earlier in the week. At some point, it must have slithered under the hood of the car before taking a long ride and giving the couple quite the scare, despite knowing the animal was harmless.

"They are harmless, I totally get that. But when they appear on your windscreen when you're going around a really scary corner, then they're really scary," Hudson told the Today Show hosts.

We cannot argue with that one. It's not the sort of thing that happens every day. Fortunately, they were able to pull over and Rodney Church, a road worker helped convince the reptile to leave the vehicle. He also stopped traffic momentarily so the python could safely make it back into the wild where it belonged. None the worse for wear despite the harrowing journey on the windshield.

All in all, a happy ending for all parties involved and a hilarious bit of footage to remember the experience!

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