Jake VanDeLaare

Jake VanDeLaare is a Michigan Native born and raised. Hunting and fishing has always been a part of his life. He has been taught at an early age about bass fishing and whitetail deer hunting from his Grandfather and Father. Jake has an interest in all things outdoors and technology oriented. He is always trying to find a way to make his outdoor seasons more successful using new technology and techniques or learning tried and true methods. He doubles as a computer programmer in Michigan when he isn’t on the lake or in a tree. Jake also loves to try new things constantly trying craft beers to pair with his wild game, learning how to fly fish, or spear fishing. When not working, fishing, or hunting Jake likes to learn about the outdoors to perfect his skills or workout. He currently has a Bachelor’s in Information Management and is working towards a second degree in Information Technology Management. He lives with his new wife in Southwest Michigan with their dog that likes to chase turkeys and ruin scouting trips.