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A Peanut Butter Dispenser Can Draw Deer to You When Nothing Else Will

Everyone loves peanut butter, and deer are no exception.

I have heard rumors that a surefire way of attracting deer is to take peanut butter and smear it on a stump.

Well, that might work, but there has to be a better way of dispensing it, right? I have you covered.

Of course, you're going to want to review the regulations related to deer baiting before you ever execute this trick, but it's worthwhile to consider for those who can legally do it.

Check out the video.

So, first thing for the non-believers: I would not suggest this without having tried it. I followed the instructions in this video, and after two days, I was down a third of the peanut butter.

There were a ton of deer tracks in the area around the jar. Admittedly, the squirrels did some damage as well but that's a lot of peanut butter gone for if to just be squirrels.

The next tip I would  like to add is: place the jar higher than the waist height suggested in this video.

I say this because I am now on my second jar because some dexterous raccoons unscrewed it from the tree and took off with the jar! Darn trash pandas...