josh bowmar buck fall off rack

Remember When Josh Bowmar Shot a Buck and Then Lost Its Rack?

Josh Bowmar shoots a buck with his bow and as it goes down, it drops its rack. But what happens after that almost made him lose this buck.

2017 was an eventful year for Josh Bowmar, in which things just didn't slow down.

He headed out to Nebraska for some late season hunting after successfully harvesting a nice buck in his home state of Ohio.

As he and his wife Sarah head out to Nebraska, they were excited, but didn't know they would be creating a hunting story to tell for years.

It's not rare for a late season buck to lose his rack after being shot. What is unique about this buck was that the rack falls off within sight. Josh made the shot, and because the buck jumped the string, the shot was high. This caused the deer to become an acrobat and flip right over, landing on his back and antlers. The impact led the buck to drop his antlers before taking off into the horizon.

With the cooler temperatures and location of the shot, the Bowmars decided to give the buck overnight and come back to search for it in the morning. As the story unfolds and closes, something wild happens as they search for this buck. I won't spoil it; instead, I'll let you check out the video for yourself below.

Incredible right? Hunting on the East Coast, I've never got to experience anything with a badger before. From viral videos, however, I'm well aware that members of the badger family "just don't care."

Had they not been in the area as early as they were, the badger may have had the entire deer covered up and the buck may have never been found.

Aside from badger jokes and in all seriousness, that was an incredible hunt to cap off a heck of a season for the Bowmars. It was an up and down year, complete with a great way to bring the season to an end.

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