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Black Cat Helps Josh Bowmar Kill a Nice Buck

josh bowmar

Curiosity kills the deer here, not the cat. Watch as a black cat, usually known for bringing bad luck, lures in a late-season buck for Josh Bowmar.

When you spend a enough time in the woods, you're bound to see some crazy things. Often times 'crazy' can be explained and other times, well, we just have to rattle our heads and shrug our shoulders.

Josh Bowmar headed back to his home state of Ohio after hunting the midwest with his wife Sarah. Prior to their trip out west, Josh had several pictures of this buck on his cell trail camera, but the deer never broke daylight. As he and Sarah headed out west, they pulled their cell cameras and replaced it with a regular trail camera. Upon his return, he was shocked to find this deer had made his way back to the area and was showing up in daylight.

The hunt was on and Josh was determined to get this buck. Hunting this deer for a week, and seeing him several times, yet just never coming in close enough for a shot, Josh began to get a little discouraged. Discouraged, but determined, and with that determination came luck. Well, we don't really know his name, but we're calling this black cat 'luck' as it made its way towards Josh one evening. Josh had been seeing the buck but it wasn't coming in, until this black cat crossed in front of him. The deer, which are often known to be curios, followed the cat and offered Josh a shot.

Watch below as Josh arrows this beautiful late-season buck.

I've heard of deer drives, decoys and other methods used to shoot deer, but a cat is a new one. I have great footage of a mature buck and a fox playing with each other in one of my food plots just out of bow range from a few years ago. The fox made its way within bow range and offered me a shot, but the buck never followed. I guess sometimes it takes determination but often times just a little luck can go a long ways.

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Black Cat Helps Josh Bowmar Kill a Nice Buck