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8 Most Coveted Hunting Tags and Licenses in America

These hunts are about as good as it gets here in America.

There are some tags most hunters can only dream of. Some of these tags can be so hard to get, you can apply for them your whole life and never get one. Others come at such a high price, they're available exclusively to the rich. These are the eight most coveted tags a hunter could ever want.

1. Grand Canyon Bison

The national park service is looking to thin out the grand canyon bison population. To bring the population down from around 600 to a manageable 200, the NPS will be looking for volunteers to hunt bison in Arizona. These tags will be limited to a few qualified volunteers over the next 3-5 years.

2. Montana's Bighorn Governor's Tag

Bighorn ram tags are very hard to get in Montana in the first place. The fabled unit 680 tag is virtually impossible for hunters to score. Even with a bonus point system, most will apply their whole lives and never get one. Additionally, the Governor's Tag is auctioned off to the highest bidder. Montana's tag set the record for the all-time largest amount paid for a special permit at $480,000. No matter who you are, that's a lot of money going back to Montana's wildlife.

3. Arizona Elk

Life of Elk

Unit 9 in Arizona is an Elk hunter's paradise. There are plenty of bugling bulls that face little to no pressure. The terrain is great for finding bulls, too, as all you have to do is look for water sources and higher elevations. The problem is you'll probably have to apply for at least 20 years before you can get this tag.

4. Utah Henry Mountains Mule Deer

mule deer

You can find some of the biggest mule deer bucks in the country in the Henry Mountain range of Utah. Rumor has it that 170-inch bucks are common in the mountains south of Hanksville. However you can hold out for a 200-class if you're careful. However, there are only 24 resident tags issued for the area every year with an average wait of 15 years.

5. Michigan Bull Elk

bull elk

I might be biased, but the great elk hunting in Michigan flies under the radar for most people. A Michigan bull is truly the trophy of a lifetime, as once you harvest one, you can't shoot another one for the rest of your life. It's worth it, though, as Michigan is home to some trophy-class elk and uses a bonus system to increase your odds. However, I've lost count of how many years I've been applying and still haven't gotten a tag.

6. Bighorn on the Snake River

This one's on the list because it's the most unique. If you manage to land the ONE tag in Oregon's unit 59 you are in for a treat. The most common tactic is to float the snake river and glass. While you're there, you can also experience some of the best fall salmon fishing in the country. Not to mention, rams aren't the only things you can set your sights on. Deer, elk and chukar are also plentiful. If you have the vacation time, go ahead and blow it all on this hunt.

7. Bison Bison Bison

That's actually it's name. Any animal is challenging to hunt in Alaska, and the Copper River buffalo is no exception.  The terrain is tough to get in and out of and so is your luck in getting this tag. With no bonus points in Alaska, the odds of getting a Copper River tag are low. And, just like Michigan elk, this is a once-in-a-lifetime affair and successful applicants can't apply again.

8. Colorado Moose

Every hunt is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but here is another one you only get one shot at. Moose in Colorado's units 7,8, and 191 are growing in size and population. The numbers grown 35 percent in the past two years. These units have also produced some of the biggest bulls in the lower 48.


8 Most Coveted Hunting Tags and Licenses in America