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Take a Look at the LaserMax Guide Rod Laser

Finally, a laser sight you don't even notice.

Laser sights come with some pros and cons. While they make you more accurate, they often add extra bulk in a holster. What if you could get the improved accuracy without having to buy a new holster? This laser might be perfect for your everyday carry needs.

I'm not sure why someone would talk badly about a laser. The physics behind having a shorter sight radius on a pistol versus using a laser does give you the potential to be more accurate. As stated in the video, it gives you the potential, but you still have to have the fundamentals down. So if you're pulling your trigger, you'll know and be able to correct that.

You can find guide rod laser sights for plenty of guns. So, if you're thinking about it and have the cash, why not? Like Noir says, "You have nothing to lose."


Take a Look at the LaserMax Guide Rod Laser