This is Why You Always Remember Your Net

The ability to improvise can make a good angler great.

It seems like every fishing trip, no matter what, someone always forgets something. Most of the time it's something like sunglasses, a brand new lure or bait. This video, however, shows what happens when you forget something a little more important.

I wish I could say I've never forgotten my net. I've been in the same position, except I was chasing king salmon up and down a river. I left my net about 30 yards upstream and wasn't as fortunate as this guy in my attempts to land the fish by hand. The good news, though, is I still have all of my fingers.

As this video shows, the best way to land a fish by hand is by getting that thing good an tired before you try to grab it. You can always revive and recuperate the fish after the fight, it just might take a little longer.