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Have You Ever Considered Eating Sand Fleas?

Sometimes you just don’t know until you try.

Sand fleas, sand crabs, sea cicada or Emerita are a small crustaceans that burrow into beach sand. The little critters feed on plankton and roll around  in the tides. Apparently, they’re are also rather tasty. Don’t just take my word for it, though; check out the video below.

Someone had to try them out for the sake of curiosity. I’m not going to run out there and try to catch a mess of them, but I imagine almost anything fried up would be pretty good. If nothing else, they at least look edible, and if they’re gross, that’s what hot sauce is for.

If you don’t want to eat sand fleas, don’t worry, they still make for amazing bait. Catch a few of them, rig them up and cast them out.


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Have You Ever Considered Eating Sand Fleas?