weigh-in process

Shimano's Water Weigh-In Process Highlighted on Fish Files

Looks like the weigh-in process for tournament fishing is actually all science. 

Shimano really did some great homework on their latest episode of "Fish Files". As you are about to see, they broke down all the science behind the weigh-in process and the impact on bass. In bass fishing tournament history, bass are put under a bunch of stress before they can be released again. In large part, as they have found in the weigh-in process, it's due to lack of oxygen.

Just watch below. Great lengths are now being taken to ensure bass are caught, kept alive, and released to live another day.

The overall fatality rate of bass during professional tournaments very low to begin with. However, if even a small percentage of those that due perish due to lack of oxygen can survive by just a little extra work on our part, it's a step that has to be taken. Thankfully, these steps are being implemented, or have already been put in place all around the country.

The world of professional bass fishing has come a long, long way over the years. It's great to see even bigger strides just like this, to make sure bass fishing will continue to be around for a long, long time to come.