lake trout
Facebook/Brandon Isaac

83-Pound Netted Lake Trout is a Merciless Tease for Sport Anglers

This would've been a new world-record lake trout.

While scrolling through social media the other day, I kept seeing a hashtag pop up about a new-record lake trout. After a little bit of digging, the beast below emerged from Brandon Isaac's page and my mouth dropped open. The size and girth of that 83-pound lake trout is a thing of legend.

The official world record stands at 72 pounds flat from Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada. Issac's fish would've obviously broken the record with ease, but it didn't count because he caught it with a gill net.

According to a little more internet research, the largest ever netted weighed in at a monstrous 102 pounds, and the creature measured out to around 50 inches.  

As Isaac's indicated, this giant lake trout was caught sustenance fishing by a member of the Deline First Nation on Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories. He also brought up a good point that there is little doubt a rod and reel world record is swimming around up on that lake as well. 

According to the story, this fisherman tried to revive the fish and release it but was unsuccessful. It was only for this reason that the fish was kept at all.

Goodness, what a fish!