California ghetto

California Ghetto Carping Club Has New 50-Pound Record

Looks like you'd better be fishing a California ghetto sometime soon. 

In rather shocking news coming from the west coast, a giant carp was caught that barely missed the state record. However, that didn't stop this beat of a fish from breaking a different record. As a matter of fact, for the members of California Ghetto Carping (CGC), this fish ranks as the biggest carp any member has ever caught.

As fate would have it, one of the founding members of CGC, named Eddie S, is the man who set hooks into the 50-pound beast. The previous club record, held by another founding member Big Serg, registered at 37 pounds.  

"I just landed the biggest fish of my life, today. Oh my god," Eddie S said in an interview. "All my family's excited. I'm super excited that I caught that fish. Because most of all, I'm a fish hobbyist and I've been doing this since I was 9. I've seen all kinds of species and all kinds of fish, but I've never seen fish get that big."

As most people know, it's hard to hide a big fish. Thankfully, the members of CGC have a strict catch-and-release policy. If you live in the area, that monster of a carp is still swimming in  MacArthur Park Lake. By this fall, that fish will likely be a new state record.