Shark Fishing Video

Shark Fishing: 5 Videos and Stories to Get You Excited (or Terrified)

These shark fishing trips are both exhilarating and terrifying!

Ever since the movie "Jaws" first hit theaters in 1975, people have been both fascinated and terrified of sharks. Plenty of anglers have targeted these giant eating machines and over the years, some awesome footage has surfaced, especially in the era of YouTube.

We scoured the Internet to find some of the best videos and chose five great shark fishing videos.

These videos will either excite you or they'll terrify you depending on how frightened you are of sharks. But one thing is for sure, they all make for great viewing!

Greg Norman and BlacktipH catch a 14-foot hammerhead.

Joshua Jorgensen, aka: BlacktipH on YouTube, has some of the best saltwater fishing videos on the Internet. Based out of Florida, he catches plenty of impressive fish, but the one in this video is something else. Joshua teams up with golfing legend Greg Norman to spot fish a giant hammerhead shark.

This hammerhead SWALLOWS an 80-pound blacktip shark on the end of Norman's line! Then the gigantic fish proceeds to pull Norman's 41-foot fishing boat along! This is a once-in-a-lifetime catch. Jorgensen captures the whole adventure perfectly with spectacular drone footage to show just how big this fish really is.

12 Foot Tiger from the beach.

Who says you need a huge fishing boat with thousands in fancy electronics and other equipment to fish for sharks? Beach fishing is an extremely popular way to catch sharks in many areas. This footage comes to us from Perth, Australia, a place known for big sharks.

In this video, this guy catches a 12-foot tiger shark from the beach. It's a lengthy and tiring fight, but an extremely rewarding one! You've got to hear this guy's fishing reel as this shark pulls hundreds of yards of fishing line off it. A testament to the strength of these animals.

Topwater Blacktip fishing.

When most anglers hear of shark fishing, they likely think of cut bait and huge chum buckets like they see people using in the movies or on TV to lure in giant great white sharks. But BlacktipH proves in this one that artificial lures are just as effective for shark fishing.

He's found a huge group of blacktips here and they're extremely aggressive in their feeding. Joshua shows us some of the best topwater fishing action we've ever seen in this one. If you like insane surface fishing action, this video has some of the best you'll ever see.

Close call in a kayak.

This video proves that a shark fishing encounter doesn't have to be with a giant fish to be a scary one. The angler in this video hooks into a relatively small shark off an oil well rig in a small kayak. The tense moment happens when he brings the fish into the boat and it starts thrashing.

As you'll see, this tiny shark comes awfully close to chomping down on a rather vital piece of human anatomy here. It also just misses grabbing a mouthful of toes. It just goes to show you must be extremely careful boating a shark of any size.

Rare great white catch.

These days, great white sharks are a protected species almost everywhere they are found. That's why you don't see anglers targeting them anymore. In most places you aren't even allowed to do that, even if you do plan on releasing them. However, there are incidental catches and that's what happens in this video.

This guy hooked into this 11-foot great white off the California coast and spent nearly an hour fighting it before they could get it close to the boat and safely release it. This guy certainly has some bragging rights because not many people can say they caught this species anymore!

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