fishing with drones
YouTube: BlacktipH

Believe It or Not, Fishing With Drones Actually Works

While this might rub some people the wrong way, it's actually effective.

Josh Jorgensen, aka BlacktipH, has safely secured his position as the internet's ultimate saltwater fishing guru, so why wouldn't he experiment with everything under the sun.

Its no secret the emergence of drone technology has created waves across much of modern society, stirring controversy in regards to the invasion of privacy.

However, no one can knock the fact they're incredibly innovative devices that open a ton of doors, especially when it comes to getting that perfect camera angle. Now they have an entirely new use, too, thanks to some clever experimenting from our man Jorgensen in his home state of Florida.

Watch the video below:

So, it's a little tough to see exactly what he's doing, but this is actually pretty genius. From the looks of it, he's using the drone for two separate purposes. The first is to send the bait out to the best possible place without battling the wind. The second is to catch drone footage from the best-possible aerial angle as game fish violently strike their baits.

It's hard to tell exactly how he has the line rigged to the drone, but it seems pretty evident that it's a very loose connection that can be pulled out as soon as a fish starts to tug. By doing it this way, Jorgensen has the ability to employ his drone to do the casting for him, but won't have a massive fish yank his drone right down into the water.

Per usual, it wouldn't be a BlacktipH fishing video if he didn't try enticing a few Goliath groupers at some point, which, of course, never disappoints.

So, what do you think? Is this an interesting experiment? Or, is it a slippery slope that could negatively affect anglers and fishing as a whole in the long run?