tiger shark
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Texas Brothers Catch and Release Nearly 12-Foot Tiger Shark

This monster of a shark managed to take 200 yards of line.

Corpus Christi, Texas, has been producing an impressive number of large sharks this year, including this 11-foot, 11-inch tiger shark.

Austin brothers Andrew and Stephen Seaborn, who collectively make up Team Seaborn Fishing, were fishing from Bob Hall Pier when the giant female took the stingray-baited line.

Andrew saw 200 yards of line "effortlessly" depart from his Avet 80W reel, through the eyelets of his Barrett Rod and out to sea before he found some traction in the fight.

"Minutes passed and line was still steadily leaving my reel," Andrew said. "I've never had a fish peel line of my 80W like this with such strength and confidence."

Then, after 30-45 minutes of battling the fish with the help of Stephen and their friend, Allen Glen, he finally saw his catch breach the surface.

The group would collectively bring the shark to shore, where they would snap a quick photo before quickly and safely returning it back to the water.

The two brothers are no strangers to land-based shark fishing, as Team Seaborn Fishing was born from their shared passion. It was their father who first introduced them to fishing, but they never envisioned themselves taking it as far as they have.

While they've caught sharks on the Texas coast before—typically ranging from 5 to 7 feet long—this was the first to ever break the 10-foot threshold.

"The only records we are hoping to break are our own," Andrew told mySanAntonio.com. "We are avid catch-and-release fishermen when it comes to big sharks, so we would never try to have a fish submitted for a record unless it's a catch-and-release record."

This will surely be a day these anglers always remember.

"Dreams came true today," Andrew said.