blacktiph catches iguana
YouTube: BlacktipH

BlacktipH Catches Iguana While Freshwater Fishing in Florida

Well, there's a first time for everything.

Josh Jorgensen took a break from his usual saltwater haven and took his talents inshore recently, electing to fish a series of freshwater canals.

Teaming up with fellow angler Ryan Nitz, he went chasing clown knifefish, peacock bass and any other exotic species he can find. As you're about to see, however, the two stumble upon something completely unexpected, and frankly strange.

It's no secret, as it's not only revealed in the title of the video, but also the title of this post. But, even with heads-up, seeing an iguana on the other end of a fishing line is still shocking.

Watch the video below:

Am I the only one who didn't know iguanas could swim like that? It's no wonder they hooked into one, either, considering they said they'd been seeing them in the water all day.

While the iguana obviously steals the spotlight, it's worth noting these guys were having quite the day before things got weird.

Both Jorgensen and Nitz were able to boat a clown knifefish, which was their goal at the beginning of the day. However, they also landed their share of quality peacock bass, which the average person might not have expected to come out of those narrow canals.

While this obviously isn't the first time Jorgensen has fished freshwater, it would be cool to see him do it more often, as he's already a wealth of knowledge in the saltwater realm.

Going off this video alone, though, that knowledge clearly isn't exclusive to offshore affairs, as the lack of salinity didn't keep him from looking right at home.

However, he did look a little out of sorts when it came time to handle that iguana!