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Aussie Has a Tug of War With a Great White Shark, Then Cusses at It When He Loses

This guys punches an unwanted shark on the nose and tells it, in true Aussie way, to get lost.

Nic Wilks was out fishing with his father late last year and had caught something quite hilarious on video.

He filmed his father as he pulled in one of their nets with the net caught in a shark's teeth.

Watch his reaction, and prepare for some good old Australian strong language.

"My net!... No, my net!!" 😂On this occasion when Nic Wilks attempted to retrieve his fishing net off Port Pirie this sly little Great White decided to jump in for a game of tug of war. Despite the foul language the trio insisted they loved sharks and it was all for a good laugh.

Posted by Shark Watch South Australia on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What catches my attention, even more than the audio, is the way the post has changed over a short amount of time after so many have commented. At first, he wrote: "Sharks are [jerks] and dad doesn't like them very much."

He then followed up with an edit stating his father loves sharks and it was all in good faith. I am thinking there were people who forced that comment out of him, but that still doesn't take away from the sheer bravery of this man towards a great white shark. How nuts was that video?!

Could you imagine if this was what happened at the end of Jaws?

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Aussie Has a Tug of War With a Great White Shark, Then Cusses at It When He Loses