goose hunting with a bow

Insane Sneak and Shot on a Goose, with a Longbow

Goose hunting is one thing. But putting on a sneak then shooting it with a bare bow, now that's awesome.

Step aside turkey reaping, there's a new sneak hunt in town. That hunt, is goose reaping, with a bare bow.

I remember a few years back I posted the first goose I ever shot in my life. I had done it with my bow and received so much flack on social media of how unethical it was and how in humane of a person I am. Truth is, five minutes before I took the shot, I called the local Department of Natural Resources to ensure what I was about to do was legal. It in fact was and I went on to not only shoot my first goose, but then eat my first goose as well.

On my hunting buddies outdoor team, Top Pin Outdoors, we have two professional hunting guides who are huge waterfowl hunters. They take clients all around Northern New York for duck and geese equally. After showing them this video, they had all they could do but watch in amazement.

"No way. This guy is seriously about to sneak up on a goose." One of the guys said. "That's unreal and crazy difficult. Good for them."

Don't believe me. Check out their video below, it's pretty wild.

Now it's not like this hasn't been done before. Before social media there was still those savage hunters who made their way out to the fields and pulled off some crazy stunts. This just happened to be caught on video and makes for a reminder of just how good a hunter can be, or dumb a goose can be. I'll leave that up to you to be the deciding factor.

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