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The Head Shot of the Year: Turkey Reaping with a Bow

turkey reaping

When it comes to turkey reaping, getting it done with a head shot as accurate as this, with a bow, can make anyone want to call out of work sick.

Turkey reaping has become such a fast growing fad, that it is beginning to draw controversy as to whether turkey reaping is really turkey hunting. Much like jump shooting ducks off a pond, turkey reaping can accomplish much of what the hunter sets out to do: Enjoy the challenge and accomplish a harvest.

Turkey hunting, holds more true to the art of calling and fooling a turkey that you, yourself, are a turkey. Turkey reaping is more of the art of hiding behind a turkey fan or decoy and sneaking your way towards a turkey, getting extremely close before taking the shot. Ultimately both techniques work to try to fool the turkey into believing they are meeting with another real life turkey.

The main difference: One mostly uses the technique of attraction, through calling and decoying, while the other uses the sense of adrenaline, controversy and a fighting attitude brought on by invasion to the turkey's domain.

The video below tends to mix turkey reaping with turkey hunting as the two become more and more distant.

Hiding behind a turkey fan or decoy doesn't necessarily deem it turkey reaping, however the adrenaline rush experience this hunter must have had during this hunt had to be at an all time high.

Hiding behind a turkey decoy, or a fan, with a shotgun and being able to obtain a shot is one thing, but pulling it off with a bow is another level. The hunter in this video makes a deadly accurate shot on a gobbler that makes his way all the way across the field at his decoy. As he hid behind the turkey fan, he patiently places a head shot on the turkey for a quick and successful kill.

I have yet to try turkey reaping because most of the time I hunt, I am self filming and to try to obtain a self filmed turkey reaping on something other than a POV camera could be difficult. However, I enjoy a challenge and maybe next week when I travel to New York to hunt turkeys I can make this possible.


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The Head Shot of the Year: Turkey Reaping with a Bow