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Senior Dog Enjoys Special Meal Before Crossing The Rainbow Bridge

Dogs hold a special place in our hearts, which makes it difficult when you know their time is drawing to a close. 

Many pet owners treat their pets as a member of the family. When your dog is your best friend, processing their deaths can be a heartbreaking experience, even when your dog is an old dog, and you know they have had a good life. Losing loved ones is never an easy experience. One dog owner let social media in to see how she dealt with senior dog loss in a TikTok video.

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You have watched me grow up since I was 8 and I am so greatful to have had a pup like you? #dogloss #dog #fyp #foryou

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Bee Franc took to social media to share a video of her and her pooch, Riley. It was his last day with them, and she wanted him to have the best last meal ever, not traditional pet food.

In the video, the good dog gets a tasty meal and plenty of loves and hugs. Riley was 13 years old and had been with Bee since she was eight years old. The viral TikTok video got many comments from sympathizers and those offering their condolences for her dog's death. Many agreed that it is so hard to go through the loss of a pet even in old age.

Cayleecaylee24 wrote, "I'm so sorry my dog just died a couple of days ago, and it broke my heart, and I know how hard it is. So stay strong. I'm so sorry."

car_editzzz_ wrote, "he's not even my dog, and I'm crying."

Honoring your pet loss can be so personal, but sharing experiences can also be truly cathartic. Many dog owners have been there before, and those who have older or ailing dogs know that they could be in your shoes very soon. While I'm not sure I'd use TikTok to help me process my senior dog loss, I am sure Bee sharing helped many dog owners.

RIP Riley and all the dogs who have crossed over the rainbow bridge.

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