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RIP Stewart a.k.a. Cheddar: Adorable Corgi From "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Dies At Age 13

Another celebrity animal passes away. It was Grumpy the cat earlier this summer and now Cheddar. Some of you may have a fave breed and it may be a Corgi so this may have hit even harder when you read the headline. I love doxies and all hounds and since Stewart or 'Cheddar' is a 'low to the ground' hound, I was a fan! Plus, I love the show.

We are very sad to hear that Stewart, the corgi who played Captain Holt's dog Cheddar on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, has died at the age of 13.

On Monday, Stewart's owner posted the below tribute on Instagram to sadly announce that the famous pooch had "peacefully" passed away after a final day filled beach walks and burgers. reports that Stewart cracked everyone up on the set.

"Stewart had risen to pet fame thanks to his portrayal of Captain Holt's furry sidekick Cheddar on the police live-action sitcom. Although the small-statured canine had been played by multiple corgis, Stewart held the role for the longest time and proved to be a pivotal member within the precinct."

Cheddar came to the rescue on numerous occasions and was even involved with the annual Halloween heists.

RIP Stewart. I'm sure you'll be meeting with all your furry friends that already passed the rainbow bridge this year. We'll see you on the other side.

We know there will be a lot of In & Out burgers waiting for you and the sounds of the ocean will be constantly playing in the backdrop! We pass along our condolences to the dog's owner and will now make sure to watch all of Cheddar's episodes on Netflix to keep him in our memories.

Are you a fan of this show? We're so sad too! Please leave us a comment below. 

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