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Queen Elizabeth "Devastated" By Death of 5-Month-Old Dog

Queen Elizabeth's dog passed away over the weekend, not long after her husband Prince Philip's passing.  

Queen Elizabeth II's dorgi dog died over the weekend, bringing more sadness into her life. The Dorgi, a mix between a Welsh corgi and a dachshund, was only five months old. The dog was a gift to her majesty from her son Prince Andrew. He hoped that it would keep the British royal company and comfort her while Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh was hospitalized in February.

Fergus, the new puppy, was given to her along with another dorgi, Muick, named after a spot in Balmoral, Scotland. According to The Sun, the queen is said to be "devastated" by the loss, but Buckingham Palace has not released any official statements. The queen's corgis are known for being at her side while she is at Windsor Castle.

She also has her other Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Candy. The corgi is a descendent of Susan, a corgi the Queen was given on her 18th birthday by her parents when she was still Princess Elizabeth. Susann was her first corgi and is said to be the dog that all of her other corgi puppies have descended from.

The royal corgis are just some of the dogs the queen mother has had over the years. Corgis, cocker spaniels, and the corgi mixes, have all been a part of the royal family over the years. The queen is said to be quite the dog lover, having over 30 dogs in her lifetime.

Bad Timing For the Queen's Dogs Death

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The Queen's new dog's death comes only a month after the passing of Prince Philip. Her other dog, Vulcan, died in December at 12 years old. The queen is also still reeling from her grandson Prince Harry's recent interview blaming the crown and his father, Prince Charles, for his mental health issues. This, of course, comes on the heels of his Oprah interview with his wife, Meghan Markle.

The corgi dog will likely be buried at the royal home in Sandringham, where many royal dogs have been buried before. The first dog to be buried in the pet cemetery was Noble, Queen Victoria's collie.

Queen Elizabeth's And Other Royal Dogs


Dogs have long been at the side of royal family members. Growing up, Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret had a dog named Dookie. Their father, King George VI, thought it was important to instill a love for dogs.

Princess Anne had a bull terrier named Dotty, though she is known for her adoration for horses, with her daughter competing in the Olympics in 1972.

Prince Charles and Diana were known to spend time with his dog at Balmoral Castle. Prince William and his family even had an English Cocker Spaniel named Lupo.

The queen also has many labradors that she keeps as working dogs on her estate in Sandringham in the royal kennels.

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