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Corgi Racing: The Fluffiest, Happiest Sport Ever Invented

If you haven't seen a Corgi race, your life is incomplete.

Corgi racing is a thing, and it happens all over the U.S., including competitions in Auburn, Washington and the famed Canterbury Park Corgi Race in Shakopee, Minnesota.

One of the best parts of these races are the name choices, like Logan Handsomepants and CheeBahDottiMcGuire.

Commentating, too, is sure to put a smile on your face, with phrases like: "here come the fluffy little baby dogs" and "here come the doggies racing for Corgi immortality." Let's not forget the one about "Corgis going left and right as erratic as loose shopping carts." Can we hire this guy for our next dog party?

It's really all about fun at these races, as you'll note from the lackluster flare of some of the four-legged participants, and the across the lane sprints to meet up with fellow Corgi friends mid-race. It's just as exciting as horse racing, just a little bit more disorganized.

The commentary from the 2016 Canterbury Park Corgi Races will have you in stitches. Check out the video of the annual Corgi dog races below:


Huge props to the commentator's line that added some humor to a Corgi tussle: "Mowsy and Butters just got into a nasty fight on the track. It's a Corgi civil war!" Little Bella at 7:24 in the video will make your heart skip a beat. She's really not too concerned about crossing the finish line, but she makes it there eventually.

So if you've ever wondered what happens when you line up 12 Corgis and ask them to sprint to the other end, now you know. And we're pretty sure your life is now complete.

Have you ever been to an annual Corgi race? Tell us about it in the comments!

This article was originally published August 10, 2017.

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