15 Adorable Corgi Mixes That'll Melt Hearts Everywhere

Prepare for Corgi cuteness overload!

Whether you're a fan of the Queen's favorite dog, or you're just looking for a smaller pup to love, corgis are extremely popular dogs due to their short stature, intelligence, and fun-loving nature. Alone, corgis are pretty amazing, but like most breeds, they're even better when mixed with other dogs. As a bonus, mixed breeds mean fewer health problems down the road, and you might even be able to find one at a local animal shelter! That's a win-win for us.

Corgis are hard enough to handle with their adorable loaf of bread butts and fantastic splooting skills. Corgi mixes take the cuteness to the next level by incorporating traits from both parents into one loaf of love. Check out these adorable Corgi mixes!

Labragi (Labrador Retriever/Corgi)

Husgi (Husky/Corgi)

Corgherd (Australian Shepherd/Corgi)


Beagi (Beagle/Corgi)

Corgimation (Dalmatian/Corgi)

Shigi (Shiba Inu/Corgi)


German Shephergi (German Shepherd/Corgi)

Cohuahua (Chihuahua/Corgi)

Cattlegi (Cattle Dog/Corgi)


Rottgi (Rottweiler/Corgi)

Corgiever (Golden Retriever/Corgi)

Pitgi (Pit Bull/Corgi)

Boxgi (Boxer/Corgi)

Sheltgi (Sheltie/Corgi)

Corrier (Terrier/Corgi)

Little seems to be left to the imagination when it comes to all the Corgi mixes out there.

These breeds might be short-legged but they're not short on cuteness!

These super cute corgi mixes are hard not to fall in love with, particularly if you love the breed the corgi is mixed with! Perhaps everyone should live with a corgi crossbreed, but with so many options, it's hard to choose a favorite. So, dog lovers, which of these mix breeds would you like to see in your house?

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This article was previously published on May 16, 2019.

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