14 Corgi Butts Masquerading as Loaves of Bread

The world has an obsession with Corgis because these hips don't lie!

Is that a loaf of bread or a Cardigan Corgi butt? Sometimes, corgi dogs and corgi puppies blend in so well that corgi owners have a hard time spotting the difference between a funny corgi bum and a loaf of bread. Until we poke it, of course, and it does that fluffy Corgi wiggle-waggle dance the Internet has come to know and love. Aside from being funny dogs, Corgis are great family pets, and are well known because of their popularity with celebrities like the Queen of England. They're also, of course, incredibly photogenic, especially when their pic is taken from, well, behind.

There are lots of dog breeds to choose from, but we know many dog lovers call the Pembroke Welsh Corgi their best friend. It's time to see if your pup's corgi booty sizes up to the cute dogs of Instagram. These trending hounds are up to plenty of shenanigans year round, but with Halloween coming up, they might just be preparing their tushies for an early costume party.

Here's proof that Corgi butts are the cutest thing on the Internet, and also look an awful lot like that bread you just put on the counter. Check out these adorable posts and try not to confuse baking with barking.

14 Corgi Butts Masquerading as Loaves of Bread 

1. Heart Shaped Booty

As far as dog names go - this Corgi should be named for that heart shape!

2. The Corgi Butt Seen 'Round the World'

Corgi butts seen around the world are so adorable they could be on greeting cards! 

3. Sunday Bumday 

Would you rather a Bloody Mary for Sunday brunch or a cute Corgi butt? Most pet lovers prefer Corgi butts of course. 

4. Heart Healthy

These Corgi curves show us why you should adopt a Corgi!

5. The Sploot

This corginstagram will blow up social media - what does this body language say to you? 

6. Fire Hydrant!

7. Shakira's Inspiration


8. Little Drum Stick Legs

9. Kardashian Proud

Cute enough to make an appearance on Ellen! Corgi butts drive me nuts. You too?! 

10. J-Lo's Girl


11. The Bread Aisle

Pet lovers- some of the Corgi butts look so much like bread loaves I cannot tell the difference! 

12. Toast, Hold the Butter


13. Potato Bread

14. The Loaf That Got Away

Quick! Grab some dog carriers and catch up to that Corgi Butt!  

For some more Corgi wiggle-waggle, be sure to check out Corgi racing and make sure your schedule is clear for the rest of the day because you'll just be getting started.

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