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Senior Dogs Love These Duck-Flavored Hemp Chews

Pet owners are blown away by the result of hemp chews. Hemp oil is known to relieve pain and relax pets. People with senior dogs call hemp oil 'miracle oil' because they finally have an affordable supplement that relieves their dogs of joint pain.

Some pet parents prefer to buy CBD for dogs in the form of hemp oil tinctures and place a few drops in their dog's mouth or water bowl. It's mostly a preference thing. (For both pets and dog owners.) If you think your pet would prefer to eat a yummy treat with hemp seed oil, consider high-quality hemp chews.

Hemp Chews for Dogs

1. PREMIUM CARE Glucosamine for Dogs with Organic Hemp - Advanced Hemp Hip & Joint Supplement for Dogs

Premium Care's soft chews reduce pain and inflammation for active dogs. The natural ingredients included are coconut oil, organic turmeric root powder, and glucosamine.

Customer reviews will surely get you onboard about ordering these dog chews. A lovely customer left a five-star review and said, "Our 12 year old German Short-hair Pointer was suffering with joint pain, had trouble climbing just a few steps and couldn't jump up on our couch anymore.

...He now runs up and down the deck steps, jumps up on the couch with ease and definitely feels so much better! He reminds me every morning that it's time for his "treats" and he enjoys the duck flavor immensely."

Some dog breeds are more susceptible to joint pain than others. If your dogs fall under that breed category, see what the hemp chew hype is all about. I bet if your doggie has had recent surgery, they will fall in love with these hemp chews.

By the way, these dog treats are under $25, and to top things off, they're made right here in the USA! These calming treats are a great product.

Did you know that some dog breeds are more prone to separation anxiety? See if your dog made the list here. No worries if they are! All pets eventually experience stressful situations—from thunderstorms, vet visits, car rides, and more.

Calming tools are great for relaxing your pet. (If you have an anxious rescue dog, consider looking into these products.) Calming chews, weighted blankets, and calming canine music have been lifesavers for furry friends with dog anxiety.

2. FurroLandia Hemp Calming Treats for Dogs - 170 Soft Chews - Made in USA - Hemp Oil for Dogs - Dog Anxiety Relief - Natural Calming Aid - Stress - Fireworks | Aggressive Behavior (Beef Flavor)

Another wellness product you can consider for your small dogs and large dogs are these hemp treats from FurroLandia. These treats have over 5,000 positive ratings from dog owners. If your dog isn't a fan of sweet potato or chicken flavors, consider beef flavoring.

Pet owners are raving about the calming effect. One customer gave the soft chews for dogs five stars and wrote, "I'm very happy for this purchase. This made my puppy feel young, energetic and playful again. I know he doesn't have much time left in him but I'm thankful that he can now enjoy life again."

These dog supplements sound like they'll be a hit for senior dogs.

Are you curious about hemp products for yourself? Check out Charlotte's Web. They have a variety of FDA-approved CBD oils and cannabinoid gummies and chews.

This human gummies and pet chew bundle is fantastic! The Calming Chews are filled with valerian root, passionflower, chamomile, and hemp extract.

For more information on the benefits of CBD oil, check out our friends over at Wide Open Eats.

As always, visit Chewy for all of your everyday needs for your sweet fur baby!

This post was originally published on May 13, 2020.

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