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The Seabreacher Semi-Submersible Watercraft Is a High-Speed Thrill Ride With a Hefty Price Tag

The Seabreacher is what you get when you cross a powerboat with a submarine.

When it comes to the world of boating, we have seen many unusual personal watercraft over the years. None may be as unusual as the Seabreacher. This high performance, semi-submersible watercraft is not your average Sea-Doo jet ski. Capable of extremely high speeds and going up to five feet underwater for up to 30 seconds, they are unlike anything else for sale out there.

The Innespace Seabreacher truly looks like the closest thing you can get to a roller coaster on the water. The company's promotional video showcases the amazing capabilities of this craft.

It also shows the customization options the company provides. Ever wanted to sit inside an orca, great white shark, or an underwater fighter jet? It seems this machine gives you the chance!

This company builds three different variants in the Seabreacher X, the Seabreacher Y and the Seabreacher Z model. It seems the performance model X is the most powerful and fastest of the group since they give it Rotax ACE 1500 cc, four-stroke engine. The standard for the X model is a 230-horsepower engine, but they give the option to up that to a 300 horsepower supercharged engine. Innes say these machines can do up to 60 miles per hour on the surface and 25 underwater.

The retractable snorkel is what allows the machines to dive underwater and do 360 degree barrel rolls. It looks like one intense ride doesn't it?

These machines operate in both freshwater and salt water, so there are almost no limits on where they can be used. In case you were wondering, according to the company's FAQ page, the price for these things varies between $80,000 and $100,000 on average, depending on how much customization you order. We are guessing two seat models and those with fancier technology like LCD screens are going to put the cost on the higher end.

That puts them just a little bit out of our price range for a PWC. Still, it is fun to look at these unique machines and dream. The killer whale and the sailfish designs are our favorites of the ones pictured. Who wouldn't want to ride around in one of those?

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