Pontoon Boat
Screenshot via: Knox News

Tennessee Man Turns 1977 Dodge Pickup into a Pontoon Boat


This guy made an old Dodge pickup into a pontoon boat, just because he could.

Everyone knows somebody who likes to tinker with old cars and trucks in their garage. However, some people take that hobby and do some rather unusual things with it. Take Josh Woodie of Tennessee for example. Woodie loves old Dodge pickup trucks, more specifically anything from 1972 to 1978.

Earlier this year he came up with a wild idea for a 1977 Dodge D100. Turning it into a pontoon boat! His family thought he was crazy, but Woodie was serious about the idea.

He ended up telling Knox News more about how this unique project came to be and showing off the watercraft's capabilities. One thing is for sure, this is one boat that turns heads everywhere it goes!


"When he first started (building) it, we didn't think he was actually going to go through with it," Woodie's daughter Kaitlyn told Know News.

Woodie enlisted the help of friends and family to put the odd creation together. The process involved unbolting the body from the frame and lifting it up so they could slide the boat section underneath. There were challenges like getting the steering correct and replacing the vehicle's stock seats with temporary gaming chairs. However, the whole build only took about two months. He has lovingly nicknamed the odd vessel the "Dodgetoon."

This project has already inspired Woodie and his brother to want to build more boat/car combinations. It is looking like the next project will be a Dodge Dart pontoon boat for Woodie's brother so they will both have their own boats when they hit the lake.

"Really, the best part is the reaction of everybody," Woodie said. "Everybody that goes by is taking a picture of it when you're on the lake."


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