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Man Builds Incredibly Cozy Tiny Cabin in Pickup Truck Bed


This hand-made truck cabin is awesome!

Everyone wishes they had their own little cabin. A place that they can go to for escaping the stresses of everyday life. Sadly, not everyone gets to live that dream unless they find some other way to make it a reality.

This Alaskan resident built a tiny cabin in the bed of a pickup and it is one of the best builds that we have ever seen.

Check it out in the video below, it will make you want to go on a road trip with this custom camper build!


There are probably hundreds of tiny cabin build videos on the Internet. Ever since smaller homes and living on the road came into style, people have been coming up with their own unique builds for tiny living.

However, this is one of the best builds we've ever seen. From both a style and ingenuity of design standpoint. There is no wasted space and the logistics of having so much weight in the bed of the pickup are taken into consideration thoughtfully here.

The interior also just looks downright cozy. Winter camping is a lot of fun, but this would be a way to truly do it in style.

If you check out some of this guy's other videos, you'll find that he lived in a Toyota camper for six years. That's one way to save a ton of money. It's also lot of cold and long Alaskan winters in a small space like this. He was able to take what he learned from that experience and use it to build a better camper.


We're not sure if we can do it, but if it that kind of lifestyle him happy, more power to him. It probably takes a special mindset to live full-time in something like this, but we still wouldn't mind his camper for our everyday adventures or summer road trips!

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