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You Can Do This DIY Tiny Cabin in the Woods Project

YouTube: Brad Clark

Always wanted your own little slice of paradise? Check out this great tiny cabin in the woods as this intrepid family builds it up from scratch.

This detailed plan-and-build for a tiny cabin in the woods is not for any horror movie in the forest.

This is an exceptional way to put a getaway cabin in your favorite neck of the woods.

Watch the video below:

It is amazing how computers can simplify our lives; the program this guy uses lays out every measurement and cut required. Any layman who can reasonably swing a hammer and cut a straight line could do something similar.

Micro homes are trending these days, so why not consider finding that small patch of land near your favorite trout stream or adjacent to some good public-land hunting and build your own dream getaway pad?

Put in some sweat equity and gather some buddies, and you can make it come true in very little time.



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You Can Do This DIY Tiny Cabin in the Woods Project